Rashatex Is An Independent Platform That Operates In Accordance With International Trade Laws. The Core Of Rashatex Was Established In Response To Increasing International Sanctions, Inflation, And The Devaluation Of The Iranian Rial. To Address These Challenges And Safeguard Capital Security, Rashatex Shifted Its Focus Towards Highly Volatile And Profitable Global Markets. Through Relentless Effort And Dedication, Significant Successes Have Been Achieved In This Field. As A Result, We Have Been Able To Involve Individuals As Partners In Profit, Providing Them With Returns That Are Proportional To Their Invested Capital And The Duration Of Their Investment.

This Platform Is Designed For Persian-speaking Individuals Worldwide.

With Rashatex, As An Investor, You Participate Collaboratively In Profit-sharing Through Trading Activities In The Forex And Cryptocurrency Markets. Profits In The Forex And Cryptocurrency Markets Are Primarily Generated Through Three Avenues:

1. Price Differences: Profits Are Derived From Market Differentials By Assessing The Price Difference Between The Buying And Selling Of Currency Pairs. As The Price Of A Purchased Currency Pair Increases, You Will Earn A Profit.

2. Profits As Rewards For Successful Trade Executions: Brokers May Reward You With Profits As A Bonus For Executing Successful Trades. For Example, If You Earn Periodic Income From Currencies And Sell Them At A Higher Price Than The Purchase Amount, Certain Brokers May Provide You With Additional Profits.

3. Participatory Profits: In The Profit-sharing System, As An Investor, You Participate Collaboratively In The Profits And Losses Of A Smart Trader.

Profit Or Loss In Global Markets Is Highly Variable And Dependent On Economic Conditions, Currency Rate Fluctuations, And Political Decisions In Different Countries. Additionally, To Generate Profits, You Must Have Comprehensive And Accurate Market Analysis And Consider The Level Of Risk Involved.

Start Earning Foreign Exchange Income In The Global Markets With Rashatex. The Goal Of Rashatex Is To Create International Income Opportunities For Individuals Worldwide. As A Trader, Rashatex Operates With Complete Transparency To Provide You With Profit-sharing:

- Providing Accurate And Comprehensive Market Analysis And Key Insights

- Sharing Successful Strategies

- Continuous And Up-to-date Analysis

- Offering Advice For Optimal Decision-making

- Providing Training In Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, And Risk Management

We Aim To Eliminate Boundaries And Limitations On Your Income Generation:

- Secure Investment

- Option To Choose Between 6-month And 1-year Investment Periods

- Preservation Of The Value Of Your Money In Foreign Currency

- Bilateral Contract

- Direct Profit Deposit Every 3 Months

- Receipt Of Profits In Foreign Currency

- Guarantee Of Preserving Your Initial Capital

- Access To Reports And User Panel

- Comprehensive Support And Training

- Option To Withdraw Capital And Receive It Back

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